About us


Omniyou is a Dutch company that consists of a close-knit team of motivated professionals with a (bio)informatics or medical biological background.

The unifying factor within the team is a passion for science, especially in the field of genetics. It is this passion combined with the right expertise that leads to the understandable and applicable products of Omniyou.

Omniyou is part of Omnigen, which, in collaboration with various universities and companies, conducts research into the genetic basis for the effectiveness of medicines.

Omniyou team

Our goal

Omniyou aims to make scientific knowledge and research results from genetics available to people in a positive and meaningful way.

We know better than anyone that scientific information can sometimes be difficult to understand without a background in the relevant field. That is why we translate the genetic predisposition of people in an understandable way into information that you can actively use in your daily life.

We record this translation in online reports, where comprehensibility and data security are always paramount. In this way, we hope to enable people to adopt a healthier lifestyle based on their genetic information.


The security of your personal data is a top priority for Omniyou. We guarantee your privacy in various ways:

  • Your DNA remains in the Netherlands, is analyzed in a Dutch certified laboratory and after analysis the sample is destroyed.
  • All DNA data and personal data are located on servers within the EU.
  • The data is stored securely using encryption.
  • We pseudonymise the data, which means that only you have the key to link the DNA data to your person. We will completely remove your personal data, such as name and address, from our database.

Your personal data and DNA data are yours and remain yours at all times. This means that:

  • We will never share or resell your information with third parties.
  • You have the option to request your complete raw DNA dataset from us.
  • You always have the option to have all data removed by us.

The science

Our DNA contains 20 to 25 thousand genes, whereby a gene can be seen as a specific piece of genetic code that has a certain function. Everyone has all these genes, but many genes have different versions, so-called variants. Scientific research has shown that the effect a gene has can depend on the variant that a person has. This means that the effect of a trait associated with a gene is not always exactly the same, but depends on the variant of the gene.

Scientists around the world are continuously working to map the functions of all genes and how genetic variants affect this functionality. They publish their findings in special scientific journals. We use these thousands of publications to select genetic variants that can tell something about nutrition, sports, stress or sleep.

Only traits that show a significant association with a genetic variant are included in our reports. Not every genetic trait has been scientifically studied in the same way. Some variants have only just been discovered, while others have been known for more than 30 years. To be completely transparent about this, you will find a score for each property in our reports to see how scientifically validated it is.