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Jouw VO2max verhogen door specifiek te trainen

De grote droom van iedere (duur)sporter: een zo hoog mogelijke maximale zuurstofopname (VO2max). Maar wist je dat de mate waarin training invloed heeft op het verhogen van de VO2 max deels genetisch bepaald is? Wat de VO2 max precies is, wat de trainbaarheid hiervan inhoudt en hoe je dat toepast in jouw training, leggen we hieronder uit. […]

Power vs Duration

Power vs Duration

An important aspect for athletes to know is the degree of having  strength compared to endurance. You can therefore see whether you have a aptitude for endurance sport, for example. This data is also important to create an optimal training schedule . With our DNA sport test you will find out all about this, but even much […]

Maximum oxygen uptake

Maximum oxygen uptake

Are you curious about your  maximum oxygen uptake? Or would you like to have your aptitude for  VO2max determined? We can view your genetic profile with our DNA sport test and let you know how your VO2max is. Of course we look at the gender and age, and the data of a good oxygen uptake. […]

Slow or fast muscle fibers

Muscle type

Are you curious whether you have a talent for slow or fast muscle fibers? Then do our DNA sports test. We look at your predisposition for muscle fiber type (type I (slow) and type II (fast) muscle fibers). Predisposition to muscle types One of the aspects that influence our physical performance is the distribution of […]

Tendon injury due to overload

Injury susceptibility

A well-known injury among athletes is a  tendon injury. Very often this is due to a  overloaded tendon. With our DNA sports test we can see if you have an increased genetic risk of tendon injuries. And if you have an increased risk of injury susceptibility, the right way of training is even more important. […]

Exercise and weight: weight gain when you exercise less

Exercise and weight: weight gain when you exercise less

With our Sport DNA test we can see whether you have a genetic predisposition to gain weight faster if you exercise less. Many people search for  lose weight without exercising on the internet. We call this the risk of overweight due to inactive lifestyle. Effect of exercise on body weight Physical activity influences the body’s energy […]

Motivation to exercise


We can use your genetic profile to see whether you have a predisposition for a high willingness  to exercise. If the  motivation to exercise is low, this could be because of this. This aspect can be important to know. It can help to turn  don’t feel like exercising to finding the motivation to exercise. Our motivation to exercise […]