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Enrich your knowledge about your body and mind by starting with the basics: your DNA. A DNA analysis provides insight into the processes that take place in your body. You can think of the processing of nutrients, the composition of your muscles and the flexibility of your skin. But also the stress resistance of your mind, and maybe you should try to go to bed earlier instead of staying up late?

Discover the genetic basis of various traits with an Omniyou DNA profile, enabling you to make informed choices in daily life in the areas of nutrition, sports and lifestyle.

Nutrigenomics & Nutrition+

Our Nutrigenomics-report provides insight into your genetic predisposition to various metabolic processes in the body. A genetic profile can help make the right choices to meet the body’s daily nutrient needs. Nutrition+ complements and deepens our Nutrigenomics-report, with additional information about the macro and micronutrients, so that you have a good foundation for making healthy choices.

Athleticogenomics & Athletics+

Our Athleticogenenomics-report provides insight into several genetic traits that can influence your sports performance, also known as talent. Understanding the predisposition to performance-influencing traits can help you achieve maximum performance in your favorite sport. Athletics+ offers a comprehensive explanation of how good training can improve sports performance and how you can set up or optimize a training schedule to maximize your performance.

Somnogenomics & Stress-genomics

Our Somnogenomics-report looks at genetic traits related to sleep and a good night’s sleep. With insight into the genetic predisposition to different elements of sleep, you get to know yourself better and you may be able to improve your night’s sleep or adjust your daily rhythm to your sleep needs. Our Stress-genomics-report provides insight into your genetic predisposition to various traits that can tell you something about how sensitive you are to and how your body handles stress.

Our Dermagenomics-report provides an overview of your genetic predisposition to various characteristics of the skin, especially the skin of the face. When choosing a skin care product, to cleanse, care for the skin or to combat the signs of skin aging, knowledge of the genetic predisposition can possibly guide the choice.

Our Neancestry-minireport gives a glimpse into the lives of your distant distant ancestors. Have a Homo sapiens and a </span >Homo neanderthalensis had a love baby together ~60,000 years ago and are you a distant descendant of that? The Neancestry-report shows how many of the Neanderthal variants are now left in your DNA.


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The process

Ontvang & registreer

1. Receive & Register

We will send you a kit with your personal barcode and a DNA collection kit. Create an account and register your barcode. Carefully follow the supplied instructions for taking the DNA swab.

Neanderthaler DNA-test

2. Take DNA sample

You take a DNA sample yourself by collecting some buccal mucosa with a cotton swab and send it back to us free of charge with the enclosed return envelope.</p >

Versturen & analyseren

3. DNA Analysis

Your DNA is analyzed in a certified genetic laboratory in the Netherlands.

Laat je verrassen

4. Analyze data

The data, which is stored according to GDPR guidelines and within the EU, is subjected to an extensive quality control and your DNA data is linked to genetic characteristics.

5. Be surprised

You will receive an email from us that your data is ready in your personal, well secured, online portal. Here you will find the results of the analyzed genes with an explanation of how to interpret these results.