Curious about our DNA test? Then read Johnny’s experience now!

DNA metabolism

A metabolic disease is not caused by the lack of a gene, but by an increase in a piece of DNA. By researching DNA you can learn a lot about  metabolism.

How does our metabolism work?

Everyone knows that eating gives us energy. When we eat we ingest substances. These substances must be processed or converted into other substances, this is our metabolism. This metabolism gives our body the right energy. But if this process does not go well, there may be a metabolic disease.

The cause of a metabolic disease

Metabolic diseases, to which metabolic diseases belong, are a group of more than a thousand congenital disorders. This is the leading cause of death for children under the age of 15. The problem is that the energy supply is disrupted. This is because the cell’s chemical factory is not working properly. So it is often only 1 spelling error in the DNA. So you have to look for this misspelling in the DNA of the metabolism.

Search among billions of pieces of DNA

To detect this extension of the DNA (which causes the metabolic disease), you have to search among billions of pieces of DNA. This is still very difficult. But science is getting better at this. And hopes to help many people in this way.

Am I overweight because my metabolism is not good?

Today, more and more people are overweight. How this is so, opinions are divided. But how do we get rid of the extra pounds? For this, people often follow a diet, sometimes through a dietician, but more often simply with the help of the internet or friends. A problem with your metabolism can also be the result of being overweight.

Which diet should I follow?

A diet is sometimes difficult to maintain. If you still manage to keep it up, it is very frustrating not to see any results. Why does a certain diet not always work for everyone? Does low-carb advice work very well for the neighbor but not for you? You may lose weight faster with a fat-poor advice. A possible explanation for this can be found in the DNA. There are many genes that have to do with the  DNA metabolism. A certain selection of these can be used to find out which advice is likely to work best for you.