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Maximum oxygen uptake

Are you curious about your  maximum oxygen uptake? Or would you like to have your aptitude for  VO2max determined? We can view your genetic profile with our DNA sport test and let you know how your VO2max is. Of course we look at the gender and age, and the data of a good oxygen uptake.

What is a VO2max?

The maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max) reflects the ability to take up oxygen, which allows the efficient aerobic metabolism to take place. The energy produced can then be used for physical performance. The more oxygen we can absorb, the more energy we can generate according to this process. The VO2max is also the measure of the so-called cardiovascular fitness (fitness of the heart and blood vessels).

Your maximum oxygen uptake

The maximum oxygen uptake is the result of different physiological properties. Here you should think of:

  • The lung capacity
  • The strength of the lung muscles
  • The size and pumping rate of the heart
  • The number of red blood cells
  • The efficiency of the mitochondria (energy factories in the cells).

The maximum oxygen uptake can be influenced by training. The extent to which training affects VO2max is different for everyone.

Have your predisposition for VO2max determined

The VO2max (maximum oxygen uptake capacity) is expressed in milliliters of oxygen that can be absorbed per kg of body weight per minute (ml/kg/min). On average, women have a lower VO2max than men. In addition, VO2max decreases with age.

Example of the VO2max

For example, for a 48-year-old woman, a good oxygen uptake is between 35 and 38. An oxygen uptake of less than 32 is considered very moderate, while an uptake of more than 44 is associated with exceptional sports performance. We can calculate based on your DNA whether you have a lower, average or higher VO2max.

Top athletes with high VO2max values

We also compare your worth with others to show the contrast. Examples of women with exceptionally high VO2max values are marathon runners Joan Benoit (78.6) and Paula Radcliffe (70.0), cross-country skier Bente Skari (76.6) and cyclist Flavia Oliveira (76.0).

Your genetic VO2max profile

With 3 genetic markers we can determine your predisposition for  VO2max. The genes below provide insight into the  maximum oxygen uptake:

  1. rs4343 : ACE – Provides better oxygen uptake and increased performance
  2. rs1042713 : ADRB2 – Increases oxygen uptake and stimulates fat metabolism
  3. rs699 : AGT – Improves blood circulation in muscles

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Based on your genetic profile, we can see:

  • What kind of aptitude you have for strength sports
  • How is your maximum oxygen uptake?
  • What information about your lactate threshold is important
  • What type of muscle fibers you have
  • What exercise intensity do you have a predisposition for?
  • How susceptible you are to tendon injuries
  • How fast your body breaks down caffeine
  • Whether you gain weight faster if you exercise less
  • How is your aptitude with regard to the willingness to exercise