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Omniyou DNA reports: your tools for a healthier lifestyle

Adopting a healthier lifestyle can sometimes be quite a challenge. We, Omniyou, are happy to provide you with the right personalized tools. Our goal is to enable you to adopt  a healthier lifestylebased on your biology. We translate genetic data into daily practice in a comprehensible manner. What is a healthy lifestyle for you?

Tiny variations with (big) consequences

That differs per person. Although no less than 99.9% of our DNA is exactly the same from person to person, everyone is unique. These unique properties are hidden in that other 0.1%. Within this 0.1% we can find variations in the structure of the DNA. The DNA building blocks, also called nucleotides, can consist of one of four bases: adenine (A), thymine (T), guanine (G) or cytosine (C). When we talk about a variation, you can find a different base between people in exactly the same place.

If the same variation occurs within a certain group at least 10%, we call this a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP). Or more simply pronounced as ‘snip’. Such an SNP is therefore a tiny change, but it can have a major impact. When our DNA is translated into proteins to perform all kinds of tasks in our body, that protein can have a different function between people. Sometimes it can be an advantage, and sometimes a disadvantage.

What is a healthy lifestyle according to your body?

We offer DNA reports in various lifestyle areas, namely in the field of nutrition, sports, stress, sleep and beauty. For this we analyze your 0.01% unique DNA on many different SNPs that we can link to properties in these areas. For example, you can think of how sensitive your body is to salt, or whether your body is naturally better suited to strength sports or not. All genes and SNPs we use for our DNA testing are carefully selected from scientific literature.

Ordering a DNA test: how does it work?

But how does such a do-it-yourself DNA test work? It’s very simple. Once you have ordered a DNA report of your choice, you will receive a DNA kit sent to your home. You can then take a buccal mucosa sample yourself and send it back to us. We then send this sample to the laboratory. Here, DNA is isolated from the buccal mucosa sample and a so-called microarray is put to work. It’s genotyping your DNA.

Comprehensibility and data security are paramount

Once all the information has been extracted from the DNA, we process this information, do a quality check, and link your genotype to genetic characteristics. The data then ends up on an anonymous and well-secured portal. With your personal login details you have access to this information, which can be found in the form of comprehensible reports. Because comprehensibility is our top priority, so that you are able to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

In addition to comprehensibility, we also attach great importance to data security. We are aware that we work with sensitive personal data, and this includes careful and secure processing. We have been advised by KPN ICT consulting and we comply with the AVG legislation. Your data will never be used for any purpose other than preparing and updating the DNA reports. You have control over your own data. You can choose to have your data removed at any time.

Omniyou gives no medical indications

Briefly summarized. We, Omniyou, offer DNA tests in the field of lifestyle to give you the necessary tools to adopt a healthier lifestyle. And we do this by means of comprehensible reports, where the data is processed in accordance with the AVG legislation. But what we do not do is give medical indications.

Where other providers of consumer DNA tests do provide information about hereditary disorders, Omniyou has made the conscious choice not to do this. DNA does not provide certainty whether someone will develop a particular condition or not. It indicates a degree of  risk . Furthermore, the impact of providing such information can be enormous. We believe that proper medical supervision is required.

Your step towards a healthier lifestyle

Do you want to know what your DNA has to say? Take your step now towards a healthier lifestyle by a of our DNA tests .