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Salt sensitivity

In our DNA test about nutrition we provide information about high blood pressure in combination with high blood pressure. salt intake, based on your genetic profile. We look at the  salt sensitivity.

What is salt sensitivity?

Salt sensitivity describes the effect that salt intake has on blood pressure. The basic component of (table) salt is the mineral sodium. Unfortunately, people often unconsciously get (much) more than the daily recommended amount of salt. Too high a daily salt intake increases the risk of high blood pressure and its harmful effects.

Too high salt intake

Sodium is an essential mineral for the body, which plays a role in nerve signal transmission, muscle contraction and maintenance of fluid balance. Especially in relation to maintaining the fluid balance, too high a salt intake can have serious consequences for health. The human body is continuously working to maintain an optimal salt concentration, this balance is called homeostasis and relates to many processes and values in the body.

The possible consequences

When you take in a lot of salt, the body retains water to maintain the optimal salt balance. This is a very effective mechanism for short-term fluctuations, but if it remains this way for a longer period of time, increased blood volume and high blood pressure can lead to cardiovascular disease, for example damaging the blood vessels and becoming stiff (arteriosclerosis) and thickening of the blood vessels. the heart muscle can act.

Which gene are we looking at?

Your genetic profile, for example, may show that you have an increased risk  of high blood pressure as a result of a high salt intake. Then it is extra important to stick to the maximum recommended amount of 2400 mg sodium or 6 grams of table salt.

In our DNA research we look at:

  • rs10177833 : SLC4A5 – Associated with high blood pressure under the influence of salt
  • rs4343 : ACE – Associated with high blood pressure under the influence of salt

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