Exercise and weight: weight gain when you exercise less

With our Sport DNA test we can see whether you have a genetic predisposition to gain weight faster if you exercise less. Many people search for  lose weight without exercising on the internet. We call this the risk of overweight due to inactive lifestyle.

Effect of exercise on body weight

Physical activity influences the body’s energy requirements and can therefore have a direct effect on body weight. The body adapts to the usual daily need for energy. A change in energy requirement can therefore have consequences for body weight. For example, less exercise can lead to an increase in body weight.

Your genetic predisposition to weight gain if you exercise less

For example, your genetic profile may show that you have a genetic predisposition to “gain weight faster” if you exercise less. It may be important for you to take into account the effects of less exercise. You can notice this when you start training less, for example because you are in between competition periods (off-season), but also when you decide to stop training or to perform at competition level.

DNA sports test

It can be important to reduce your intake properly and to adjust your diet in time to the new (lower) energy requirement. We can use the gene rs1121980 (FTO) to see whether you run the risk of becoming overweight due to an inactive lifestyle. With our DNA sport test you will gain insight into this.

Would you like an extensive sports report based on your DNA?

With our Sport DNA test you get much more insight into all aspects of your sports performance. Would you like to have more insight into the components below? Buy your Sports DNA test!

Based on your genetic profile, we can see:

  • What kind of aptitude you have for strength sports
  • How is your maximum oxygen uptake?
  • What information about your lactate threshold is important
  • What type of muscle fibers you have
  • What exercise intensity do you have a predisposition for?
  • How susceptible you are to tendon injuries
  • How fast your body breaks down caffeine
  • Whether you gain weight faster if you exercise less
  • How is your aptitude with regard to the willingness to exercise