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How long does caffeine work?

Caffeine is widely used in the sports world. A well-known question is: How long does caffeine work? Actually, this means how quickly your body breaks down caffeine. We can use your genetic profile to determine whether you are a rapid metaboliser, for example. So learn more about how caffeine works for you with our DNA sport test.

How caffeine works

Caffeine is widely used as a supplement at both professional and amateur levels, primarily to improve endurance performance. It is a preparation that can be obtained separately, which can be added to energy drinks and gels. The positive aspects include: clarity, sharpness, alertness and a reduction in the feeling of mental fatigue. These aspects can influence sports performance and endurance to a special degree.

Caffeine can also have a negative effect

However, caffeine can also cause negative effects such as irritability, trembling hands, headaches, feeling stressed, restlessness and palpitations. These effects are of course detrimental to sports performance. It is therefore very important to use the correct dosage of caffeine for an optimal effect.

How long does caffeine work for you?

Genetic research has shown that caffeine does not break down at the same rate for everyone. As a result, the effects on exercise can differ per person. With your genetic profile we can show that you are, for example, a so-called ‘rapid metaboliser’. This means that your body breaks down caffeine relatively quickly.

The gene that causes the rapid breakdown of caffeine

If your body breaks down caffeine quickly, we can find it in your DNA. We can then see what positive effects the use of average doses has for you. We look at the rs762551 (CYP1A2) gene. This ensures a rapid breakdown of caffeine.

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