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Identifying genetic substructures within the Dutch population

We at Omnigen are specialized in DNA research and analysis. We are most proud of our personalized DNA analysis and having said that, we are continuing to continue our research and expand our knowledge. One of our interns is currently conducting a study to identify genetic substructures within the Dutch population. A genetic substructure can be thought of as a pattern that commonly occurs in multiple individuals from the same location. With the help of these genetic substructures we can find out where someone comes from within the Netherlands. For example, let’s say you currently live in Limburg, but your DNA is more similar to the Frisian genetic substructure. This means that your ancestry shows that your ancestors come from Friesland or maybe both your parents are Frisian and moved to Limburg. This is why we want to do this research because a lot of people like to know where we come from and where our history is.

This investigation will run until June 1, 2019.

Recently, we have sent our customers, who have a DNA report with us and who have given permission to be approached about investigations, an email explaining this research and whether they want to participate in it. To participate, they had to provide us with their email address, which is linked to their account in our database, or provide us with a barcode of a kit. In addition, we asked for the participant’s birthplace and optionally the birthplaces of the participant’s parents. Although this research is already possible with only the birthplace of the participant, the birthplaces of the participants’ parents have a lot of added value. Using this data, we are able to find patterns between the DNA and the ancestry of the participant, from which we can discover genetic substructures.

How do we deal with privacy?

For this research we don’t have to look at your DNA in detail, but we look at it on a global level. We only look at the differences and similarities between the genetic profiles of participants from the different provinces. Therefore, it is not necessary to keep your name in the dataset when we are doing the research. Before we start processing the data, we make sure that the data becomes anonymous by replacing the barcode of the profile with randomized letters so that it can no longer be traced back. This makes it impossible for us to feed back individual results to our participants, but we will post a summary of the findings on our news page in the future.

Would you like to participate in this research?

If you want to participate in this research, you can order a DNA kit via our website www.dnaisyou .nl and use the following discount code: RESEARCH-COMBI. This code gives you €100 discount on our combi report ( The coupon codes RESEARCH-NUTRITION or RESEARCH-SPORT gives you €50 discount on our weight loss or sports report. ( &

When you have placed your order you will receive a DNA kit and when you are registered you will receive an email asking if you want to receive emails about our studies. If you give permission for this, you will receive a subsequent email asking whether we may use your data for this research. We would really appreciate it if you use the discount code that you also participate in this survey. We only use your data if you have given us permission to do so. More data for us means we’ll get better results, making our prediction about someone’s ancestry more accurate. Even if you know that your ancestors are not from the Netherlands, we can still use your data to validate our results.