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Why Omniyou Doesn’t Provide Information About Medical Conditions

A number of other providers of commercial DNA tests provide information about carrier status of hereditary disorders. This concerns, for example, very serious diseases such as cancer or untreatable disorders such as Alzheimer’s.

Omniyou has deliberately chosen not to provide this type of highly sensitive information. We have a number of reasons for this.

We can see in the DNA whether someone has an increased risk of a disease, but this does not immediately mean that you will actually get the disease. In some cases it can be good to be aware that you have an increased risk of a disease. This knowledge leads to awareness, so that you can pay extra attention and if possible start treatment faster after the first symptoms. However, the knowledge that you run an increased risk of, for example, colon cancer, should be carried with you for the rest of your life. This is a heavy burden for many. That is why Omniyou also believes that guidance is required in delivering results that can have such profound consequences. In addition, it is important to know that providing information and results about diseases in the Netherlands is bound by the Population Screening Act. You are allowed to carry out these kinds of diagnoses as a commercial party, but only if you have a permit for this.

Omniyou focuses in its reports on (healthy) lifestyle. What is interesting, useful, sometimes fun, but also applicable information? Think of how your body handles the processing of macronutrients or the breakdown of caffeine.

Omniyou’s parent company, the bioinformatics research and consultancy company Omnigen, has already taken part in interviews and surveys by the media in which we further explain our vision. For example, take a look at the broadcast of VPRO Tegenlicht: Conquest of our DNA from December 2, 2018 and the item The Wild West of DNA testing from NOSop3 of 19 April 2019.