In Conversation With: Henry Cheung

Who are the faces behind Omniyou? It’s high time to reveal this one. First, our sales and account manager and supporting researcher Henry Cheung gives a glimpse into his life.

Can you tell us something about your study background?

“It all started with studying Laboratory Education in Leiden. After this I decided to switch to biology with Experimental Animal Sciences as my major. After my studies, I worked for a long time at the Leiden University Medical Center, where I mainly played a role in the world of cancer research.”

“In this world I have contributed to various scientific articles. But my role was mainly that of an analyst. The choice between practical work and theory-oriented work has been made easy for me. Eventually I rolled into the sales side. You can think of selling antibodies, proteins, special consumables or chemicals to various institutes.”

How did you end up at Omniyou?

“During my last sales job, I suddenly found myself face to face with the CEO of parent company Omnigen, Berry Kriesels. That conversation went very well, only selling my products a little less. Berry was especially interested in what I did outside of work. So I told him about my passion for nutrition, the fact that I am a sports instructor besides work and that I had a biological study background. And before I knew it, I was the sales and account manager at Omnigen.”

What exactly does your position as a sales and account manager entail?

“As a sales and account manager, customer communication is one of my main responsibilities. This ranges from promoting the services of Omnigen and its subsidiary Omniyou to helping customers when they encounter problems. But that’s not all. I also support our senior researcher Lody where necessary. On top of this, social media and sending DNA kits to Omniyou customers are added.”

What do you get the most satisfaction from?

“I really get that from communicating with people. I often stand as a representative of the company to present our products and services. It’s moments like that that allow me to convey my passion to others. That’s the best. I have a “people-helping mindset”, and I use it everywhere. Also when it comes to Omniyou products.”

Why are the Omniyou products so important?

“Our Omniyou DNA tests are there to help people adopt a healthy lifestyle. Around you you see that everyone is getting a little sick because of today’s society. Poor nutrition and little exercise are the two biggest culprits in this. Genetic profiles that emerge from the DNA tests guide certain traits, but are not decisive. With a healthy diet and sufficient exercise you can steer even more, and in this way prevent disease.”

Have you ever done a DNA test yourself?

“I certainly did. This mainly resulted in confirmations. For example, I have tried a low-carb diet in the past. I was super miserable about this. My DNA also says that I need a lot of carbohydrates.”

Future perspective

Passionate, goal-oriented, people-person and broadly interested. It is these words that Henry lets through in his doings. Also when it comes to his future prospects for Omnigen and subsidiary Omniyou. “In five years’ time we will be bigger and further developed. Who knows, we may be internationally active.” It certainly won’t be up to Henry.